A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous
-Coco Chanel



I tried signing up for an account on lookbook today, but it took hours. It wouldn't allow me to sign up like everyone else because I didn't have an "invitation code" and the other way you have to write a 50 page novel about yourself. If anyone has a lookbook code they could share with me that'd be great!

lots of love.


It's Been Too Long

Dream as if each day had enough love for the world, and think about those who are after you, not the other way around. You might just run into someone that's been waiting an eternity for you to find them.


Wanna Be

Okay, so I have an audition with a model agency next week and I'm SO nervous. I have no clue what to wear, or how to do my hair, or make up. I'm going to end up going through every single thing in my closet and still not be satisfied. I also have no idea what to expect. What happens once I get there? What kind of questions are they going to ask!? I'm going to go crazy by next week, I'm so scared!
So if anyone has ever been to a model audition, or knows people who have and you know some of the answers to my many questions please share. Thanks guys, and wish me luck :)


To Reiterate

This weekend I went on an excursion in a little white car, ate Thai food from little Italy, took pictures of homeless people with missing limbs, tried to defeat the ants that inhabited my bedroom, wore the same thing almost every day, bought 70 dollars worth of stuff I'm probably never going to wear, bought flowers for 20 dollars before realizing I could have picked some down the street for free, rented a movie I found out a guy I used to have a thing with was in, ate 4 containers of Pringles, bought a new TV, had fast food that wasn't fast at all, painted my nails coral while sitting in the stairwell, drank 8 glasses of water a day, did nothing special for mothers day, and found wonderland.


Harem Pants

So I've recently seen these pants everywhere, BCBG, Limite, AA, even New York fashion week. I completely DO NOT like these AT ALL. They're not flattering, or attractive, or in my opinion stylish what-so-ever. Who thought of this idea, and who actually likes them? Don't get me wrong, they look fabulous on the models, but they seem like a kind of haut couture kind of thing for the real life. Nice to look at on professionals, but don't try to pull it off in the real world.